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Rust Prevention Magic Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New!
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding
the application and usage of RPM (Rust Prevention Magic).

What types of metal will RPM protect?

All types of metallic surfaces prone to oxidation can benefit from RPM protection. Cast Iron, stamped and cast metals, as well as aluminum are some of the common automotive applications. RPM works great to preserve natural metal drivetrain, suspension, and bare metal components to a like new condition. Chromed metal is not recommended.

How is RPM applied?

Detailed instructions with photos can be found here:

How much RPM will I need for my project?

The 8oz. container should be enough to treat your entire vehicle/project. Warming the part allows the RPM to flow out when being applied avoiding unnecessary material waste.

Will RPM attract dirt?

Unlike oily products, RPM is dry to the touch. Once applied, the metal is protected from humidity and moisture.

Do I need to re-apply RPM?

Once RPM has been applied according the directions reapplication is unnecessary. Just like the painted surfaces of your project if treated areas are subject to abrasion, direct spray or impact the area may require touch up.

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