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Rust Prevention Magic Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New!
How To Apply RPM

Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is easy to apply using these simple steps

Step 1 - Prep

The metal surface should be free of any rust or oxidation. RPM does not reverse rust, it prevents it.

Supplies Needed:

  • Metal part
  • Rust Prevention Magic
  • Application Brush (Included with RPM)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

Bare metal part prepped for RPM treatment. RPM comes with an application brush. All you need is a heat source and RPM is ready to apply.

Step 2 - Heat the Part

Using a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun warm the area that RPM is being applied. The metal should be warm enough to melt the paste upon contact. Several passes with the heat source will normally be sufficient.

A metal tie rod being heated for Rust Prevention Magic application.

Step 3 - Apply RPM

Using a soft bristle brush (a 2" chip brush works great) dab a small amount of RPM on the brush and apply it to the warmed surface. Make sure the area receives an even coating paying attention to any edges to ensure complete coverage without skips.

Applying RPM to the included soft bristle brush.

Brushing RPM on heated part.

Step 4 - Cool

RPM will appear wet & glossy when first applied allowing you to verify coverage. Once the treated area cools the gloss will disappear. Allow the part to cool back to room temperature.

RPM appears wet when applied.

Treated part now dry to the touch.

Step 5 - Buffing (Optional)

Part may be buffed with a soft cloth for additional luster.

Buffing metal tie rod treated with Rust Prevention Magic

Step 5 - Complete!

Metal tie rod with RPM treatment complete.
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