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Rust Prevention Magic Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New!
Photos of Rust Prevention Magic

RPM Saltwater Spray Test

A metal brake drum and two tie-rods were used in this test. Half of the drum and one tie-rod were treated with RPM. Check out the images below to see the progression of rust form on the untreated parts after being sprayed with a saltwater solution.

RPM Water/Saltwater 60 Day Test

Three identical bare steel parts were placed in a "terrarium" type test environment. All three parts were placed in a wet sealed container for a period of 60 days. The first piece was treated with RPM and exposed to regular tap water. The second was left untreated and also exposed to tap water. The third piece was treated with RPM on one half while the other half was left bare and placed in a Salt Water environment. Below are photos documenting the results of the 60 day moisture test.

Restored vehicles using RPM

Below are a few examples of award winning restored vehicles that use RPM to protect the bare metal components.

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